We measure your journeys using GPS co-ordinates.To ensure we measure accurately in instances where the mobile signal or GPS is spotty, we use our own internal algorithm to process journeys to make sure they’re right (without this, in areas of low GPS, your journeys might show you flying across a field or over an area full of buildings, which we know you didn’t do!).

We will always snap your route to the shortest road legal journey we can. Very occasionally, this can cause small discrepancies, especially if the signal has been particularly bad in the area you’ve been driving - or if we have inaccurate mapping information if road layouts have changed.

If you notice anything odd with any of your journeys, please do get in touch so we can take a look into it for you. Your feedback is important to keep on improving the accuracy of our service, and we’ll make sure we get it sorted for you.
Get in touch with our team using the live chat in your app, or by calling 0330 088 3838.

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