You can have up to a maximum of three additional named drivers on a policy. They need to meet the same criteria as policyholders, which means they must:

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 78

  • Have held a full UK or EU licence for at least 2 years

  • Be a spouse, partner or other close family member

You can make three changes to your annual policy during each year of cover absolutely free of charge through your app or web dashboard. Your upfront fixed cost and per-mile rate may change as a result of any changes to your policy, though.

If you want to add a driver on a temporary basis, it might be easier and cheaper to use temporary cover instead.

There are many providers of temporary insurance if you need it. We can't make any recommendations, and you should do your own research to find the best policy. To help you on your way, you could look at Tempcover.

Get in touch with us via the live chat in your app or web dashboard if you need any help to add or remove a driver.

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