When giving you a quick quote, we give you an initial idea of your final quote price based on a very limited amount of information, so we have to make a few guesses.

To do this, we assume that your details match those of a typical UK driver. Among other things, we assume that you:

  • Will be starting your policy in two weeks time

  • Have had a full UK driving licence for two or more years

  • Park your car at home overnight

  • Are the registered owner and keeper of your car

  • Haven't made any modifications to your car (unless they were manufacturer fitted)

  • Have never been declined insurance

  • Haven't had any claims or driving convictions

There are a range of other things not included in this list that help us work out your quick quote price. While we try to be as accurate as possible, this price could end up going up or down after you've given us the rest of your information.

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