If you have an accident in your car that’s your fault and someone else is injured, killed or their property is damaged as a result, your insurer will cover your legal expenses up to £5m as standard.

If you're injured in an incident that's not your fault, our claims team may be able to provide you with legal assistance (on a no win, no fee basis). However if you are successful, a fee will be taken out of your winnings.

If you'd like an additional level of legal expenses cover on top of this, then you might want to consider taking out our optional legal expense cover too.

This covers additional legal expenses in relation to:

  • A dispute over the sale of your vehicle

  • Use or cloning of your vehicle’s plates by another person or organisation

As with all legal representation, a lawyer will only take on your case if they think there’s a chance you can win, so it’s worth noting that legal expenses cover is always provided at the insurer’s discretion.

Evidence from a dash cam can often be a deciding factor in determining who was at fault.

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