The short answer is: we don't think there is one.

By Miles was founded on the simple premise that if you're not driving, you're far less likely to have an accident. So we built an insurance policy that we thought would work better for lower mileage drivers (and thousands of UK motorists seem to agree). 

Our policy offers fully comprehensive cover, whether you're parked or driving, and it's currently rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot by our members.

As we offer a pay-as-you-drive policy, the way you pay is fairer and more flexible. After paying your upfront fixed cost to start your policy, you just pay for the miles you drive at the end of each month - like a mobile phone bill.

We're pay-as-you-drive, not how you drive, so we only use the miles you drive to work out your premium (not the way you drive them). Oh, and we don't add any nasty interest charges onto your monthly statement either, so you just pay for the miles you drive. And that's it.

Still not clear on how a pay-by-mile policy works? Read our FAQ on how the policy works here.

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