We like to think that we’re pretty tech savvy at By Miles, so we try to stay up to date with any new features on cars that might make them safer to drive.

This means we fully understand the extra safety features Tesla owners have access to, and we will still cover you for any incidents that happen whilst using them (including Tesla Autopilot).

There is one exception to this rule: you aren’t covered for any incidents that happen whilst you are controlling your Tesla remotely (i.e. you’re not in the driver’s seat), using the ‘Summon’ or ‘Smart Summon’ feature.

That’s it. In fact, we encourage you to use Tesla Autopilot and recognise that you are less likely to have an accident when using the rest of its features properly.

You can find out more about Tesla Autopilot by reading our FAQ, “How do I use Tesla Autopilot to drive more safely?

For more information on our policy rules, please see our Policy Handbook.

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