If you have been charged a fee after the end of your policy, it may be that we have not received your Miles Tracker back.

If you have a Miles Tracker, you must return it to us within 21 days of your policy end date. If you don’t, we’ll charge you the Miles Tracker fee that’s on your Policy Schedule, and send you an email to let you know we’re taking payment.

In some cases, we will have retained a Miles Tracker fee from any pro rata refund due, so we’re keen to get that back to you as soon as possible.

As well as that, we’re quite eco-conscious. We check and reuse old Miles Trackers for new policies as we hate to see anything going to waste. There’s still a whole life ahead of your Miles Tracker, so it’ll be put to great use in a new home soon. Sending it back means we can be as green as possible with your help.

If you have already returned the Miles Tracker, but have been charged, please reach out to the team on our live chat and we can look into this for you.

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